Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wayland farmer's market and New York Coffee festival

Since 1st June I have been in USA with my children and my grand daughter. My daughter was waiting for me to help decorating her new apartment, so I brought some artefacts from India including my original art works. I stayed with her for a few days and touched up some of my earlier works to suit her place. This was a completely new style I tried in acrylic and I was quite happy with the outcome.

I have been accompanying my grand daughter to the MFA[Museum of Fine Arts], as well as the Museum of Science in Boston. She is presently pursuing home schooling and we performed experiments on effervescence and acid-base indicators with the help of materials available in the kitchen. While she attended art workshops for homeschoolers every friday, I enjoyed the pleasure of viewing the museum collection. At the Museum of science, I had the privilege of viewing an excellent exhibition put up by PIXAR showing in details the creation of animated movies.
My grand daughter was invited to play cello at the Wayland farmer's market and that gave me the idea of doing a demonstration cum display of paintings done with coffee. Once again I picked up the brush and soon became busy.


The above works were displayed along with some of my earlier works at the farmer's market, while I painted the egg plants belonging to the stall next to me.

This is when I came to know about New York coffee festival and submitted the following work for the coffee art project. My work, 'freindship'[above-right] was selected amongst 36 art works to be displayed at the festival.  Finalists-coffee art project-New York coffee festival 2015  

Saturday, June 6, 2015

New activities in Chennai and Singapore

I returned to Chennai around the 3rd week of September and our annual festival, Durga puja was round the corner. It is an event which takes place for 5 continuous days and is an occasion for the local artists and artisans to display their talent. I have not attended the Durga puja in Kolkata since 1990, but had the opportunity to participate in the festival in Mumbai, Singapore, UK and this year in Chennai.
Immediately after the Durga puja, I was invited to an old age home in Chennai to have a craft workshop with the ladies. It was just before Deepavali, so we decorated lamps made from clay. We also made greeting cards with motifs made by the art of quilling.

While all this was going on, the author Swapna Mirashi called me from Singapore and asked whether I would be interested in illustrating a children's book. I knew that would be fun, and considering the uncertainties in my life, I opted for digital illustration. That was the start of my adventure into the world of two seagulls, Olive and Jay......

1st November,2014 we moved back to Singapore. I continued with the book illustration. It was fun to create pictures based on a story line. The author of the book happened to be in Singapore and that made things much easier for both of us. It was yet another learning process for me. I used GIMP for most of my illustrations. I was in Singapore till middle of April,2015 and the book was published in May,2015. The book is available in Singapore. 
While in Chennai and Singapore, I continued with coffee paintings. The warm earth tone and its versatility as a medium makes be go on experimenting with it.


Friday, October 3, 2014

Immersed in Arts for 3 weeks

It was simply splendid! When you have very little expectation, everything looks positive and meaningful. Three weeks of uninterrupted pleasure for the senses through UK and Europe left me completely awestruck. It began with Soumik’s concert ‘The king of the ghosts’ at Edinburgh music festival on 29th August,2014, followed by a wonderful weekend at the Advorlich cottage [Airbnb] overlooking Lochearnhead in Scotland. Enjoyed revisiting Tate Modern and Saatchi gallery and my favourite tree in the graveyard in Reading.

The Europe tour began in Antwerp, the city of Rubens. Ruben's house didn't have any of his works but displayed the taste of the artist through his personal collections. We saw some of the most important work of art in Belgium in the Saint Bavo cathedral in Ghent and in The Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp. The Rijks Museum in Amsterdam is yet another place where I could easily spend few more days.

After literally getting soaked with the treasures of the museums in Antwerp, Brussels and Amsterdam, it was a wonderful to spend the day in Delft. While Bruges in Belgium and Delft in Holland are picturesque, Vienna and Prague offered unending art all over the cities. On the whole this trip was a spa for my mind.