Monday, May 12, 2008


I would like to dedicate this site to my parents who gave me the freedom to play. I enjoyed my childhood days playing with scrap. I can’t remember exactly when that play was transformed into my ability to create artwork from junk. Everyone appreciated my mother for her artistic way of presenting things. She had the eye for beauty and decorated our house with items displaying originality. For us, art was part of our daily life. Any celebration or get-together would never be complete without a performance of some kind. I picked up singing, dancing and painting from the time I learnt to talk and walk and hence it comes to me very naturally. My mother has been my teacher and my source of inspiration in all my artistic endeavours. She wanted me to study fine arts in Kalabhavan, Santiniketan. I studied  Chemistry much against her wish and taught chemistry,science and math in reputed secondary schools in India and Singapore for almost three decades, but would always spend my spare time doing something related to fine art or music. While teaching science subjects and math at secondary and middle schools level, I taught art in the primary school and was always involved in artistic activities in every school where I taught. I worked as a professional bridal make-up artist for many years before I left Kolkata. I am still learning music and fine art and continuing my journey through art. I hope to fulfill my mother's wish someday.

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