Saturday, April 18, 2009

back to school

January 2009- back to school. I am pursuing a course on western painting at NAFA [ Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts].

<- My first oil painting

The first few lessons taught us the basic drawing skills.We were asked to enlarge B&W pictures using 2B, 4B pencils. I have been sketching for quite sometime from coloured photographs

PRESENT WORKS [ after joining the course]:

After joining the course I can sketch faster and shade more evenly.
I have been doing water colour for the past five years. I have put up a few of my charcoal and water colour works at under artist-sghosh.Compared to water colour, I find oil painting more user friendly as it allows the artist to improve the painting till the time he/she is satisfied. Water colour has its limitations as a medium, but I find it more challenging.Right now I am doing my second and third oil painting pieces simultaneously. One of those has been commissioned by my grand daughter Amie.

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