Monday, September 7, 2009

Recent works

This painting of a child amongst wild plants was done by me recently in acrylic on canvas.It is from a photograph of Amie taken by my daughter-in-law.Titled "My green,green world"- it suggests the happy disposition of this child in her naturally green surrounding. I am satisfied with the expression I have been able to creat on her face through her eyes and her lips.
This painting and the one below are on display in my art folder at Fill-your-walls on-line gallery.

I started this painting[on the right] in USA. It is the view through the window of my son's bedroom. Their house is surrounded by tall,matured trees standing elegantly.

It was a delight for me to capture the play of light and shade,and the mood created by the postures of the trees,their textures, values and the shades of green. Whenever I look at this painting, it gives me the feeling of freshness. I am immediately transported to the quietness of afternoon and the smell of the leaves and the earth.

The title"sound of silence"- suggests the mood displayed in this painting.
It has been done with acrylic on canvas.


Katrien said...

Both paintings look great! The one with the trees is so different now from the first versions I saw over here!
May I ask if I can use the Green World painting for the blog's banner?

SHINA said...

Thank you.Of course you can.It will be my pleasure.For your information, both the paintings attracted interesting comments from viewers of the on-line gallery.To view the comments,go to -