Friday, October 3, 2014

Immersed in Arts for 3 weeks

It was simply splendid! When you have very little expectation, everything looks positive and meaningful. Three weeks of uninterrupted pleasure for the senses through UK and Europe left me completely awestruck. It began with Soumik’s concert ‘The king of the ghosts’ at Edinburgh music festival on 29th August,2014, followed by a wonderful weekend at the Advorlich cottage [Airbnb] overlooking Lochearnhead in Scotland. Enjoyed revisiting Tate Modern and Saatchi gallery and my favourite tree in the graveyard in Reading.

The Europe tour began in Antwerp, the city of Rubens. Ruben's house didn't have any of his works but displayed the taste of the artist through his personal collections. We saw some of the most important work of art in Belgium in the Saint Bavo cathedral in Ghent and in The Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp. The Rijks Museum in Amsterdam is yet another place where I could easily spend few more days.

After literally getting soaked with the treasures of the museums in Antwerp, Brussels and Amsterdam, it was a wonderful to spend the day in Delft. While Bruges in Belgium and Delft in Holland are picturesque, Vienna and Prague offered unending art all over the cities. On the whole this trip was a spa for my mind.

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