Friday, February 20, 2009

Summer of '08 part 2

It was wonderful to see Amie join me in my journey through art. I bought Amie a white and black board from IKEA and she was careful about using chalk for one surface and markers for the other. Sometime we drew together and I tried to teach her the Bengali words for common items and sometime I found her quietly drawing something.

One day, she heard me saying that I was feeling very cold and next moment she drew a sun on the board and told me “I drew a sun for you with lots of sun… lines to make you nice and warm again!” What could be more rewarding for a granny?

'Two men fishing on a boat' [->]

Amie loves solving jig-saw puzzles and I wanted her to learn Bengali. Her mother had once given me some blank zig-saws and I thought this was the right time to use those. We made two jig-saw puzzles together using Amie's felt pens and Amie was able to solve those puzzles although she could not read Bengali alphabets

We went on playing with the dough. Amie knew where it was kept in the refrigerator but would never take it out without asking me. She enjoyed mixing the different coloured doughs to make her own shade. In the photo [<-] she is happy with the tree she made. Using a wooden piece from her toys to make the tree trunk was purely her own idea and the choice of colours, design were all her original imagination.
Her artistic ability has advanced a lot in the past few months.Click on
to learn more.

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