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September-October 2008

I returned to Singapore on 24th August and had to immediately start preparing for the submission of the annual magazine ‘Milon’ for the Bengali Association Singapore. Being the editor, it involved a lot of work. The cover, designed by me was a combination of water colour and digital imaging.
This magazine is circulated annually during Durga Puja to the members of the association. ‘Milon’ is a Bengali word meaning union. The cover depicts meeting of people and the moment in time when the night meets the day along with the union of Bengali and English, Singapore as the backdrop and symbols representing Durga puja.This entire compositon was my original idea.
I learnt to use the software free hand.The other softwares used by me were firefox, open office, gimp, paint etc.
I had to hand in the final draft two weeks before the commencement of Durga Puja.
I was also responsible for the decoration of Durga Puja, which started on 5th October. The idol was brought from Kolkata but the surrounding was to be decorated in grand style [see the image below]
The materials used for this item:
The background was made from material from IKEA
The white material was also a stiff fabric purchased from IKEA
One rejected CD
Common aluminium foil
Craft glue

The materials used for this item:
The background was made from a matting from IKEA
Styrofoam square
Cotton rope
Craft glue
Red oxide paint

At this point I would like to include a few items designed by me for Durga puja 2007.

This alpona was done on a circular sheet of transparent plastic table cover using poster paint.The advantage of doing it on the plastic cover was that it could be recycled.
Alpona is an integral part of hindu relious festivals and usually done on the floor [refer to posting dated May 16 2008]

This item represents a tradltionally dressed Bengali woman
The materials used for this item;
An old metal vase
An empty wine bottle
Two cardboard tubes found inside kitchen rolls
Cotton rope
A saree

Now the same lady can be seen in our living room clad in a different saree.

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