Friday, October 16, 2009

That was really eventful !

Too many things have taken place since my last entry.
On 17th September, it was the opening night of Pop Ganesha -The 4th Show at The Gallery of Gnani Arts,The Regent, Singapore. I had contributed two Ganeshas in acrylic for this show.[see below]

Title: Stop this violence --------->
Being disturbed by the increasing violence all across the globe, I created this painting to express my feelings through Ganesha's eyes and the raised palm.

<------Title: Tamaso ma Jyotirgamayo - a sanskrit sloka which means 'from darkness[ignorence] lead us towards light[konwledge]

From 19th to 21st September we were in Bintan. Had a relaxed time. Swimming in the clear and calm ocean was a bonus.
I had promised to help with the decoration of the Bengali Association annual event- Durga Puja .Had to work till midnight on 22nd. It was worth the effort. Everyone appreciated it.

The same day I received this e-mail from fill-your-walls gallery-
"Congratulations! Your artwork 'sound of silence' is selected to be displayed at the UE square for our upcoming 'UE wall of fame -Green'.click here to view my work.

On 26th September, I took part in Navaratri programme at The temple of fine arts, where I learn north Indian classical music[vocal] from Sm.Kalyani Puranik.We sang two songs, a bhajan-'Jaya saraswati varade' in Raag Puriya dhanashree and Taal Rupak and a Rabindra sangeet, 'Prothomo aadi tabo shakti' in Raag Deepak and Taal Surfakta[Sulfak].It was my responsibility to teach the second song to the group.As accompaniment, we were previledged to have Pakhawaj, a kind of drum generally played with Dhrupad.

On 28th September, the gallery of Gnani arts informed me that the Ganesha painting titled 'Tamaso ma jyotirgamayo' has been sold.

The events over the next few weeks were bit unexpected.On 1st October i had an appointment with the doctor and I was informed that my gall bladder needs to be removed immediately.

I quickly completed the other watercolour for NAFA course work

On 9th October, I got rid of my gall bladder.I had to stay one night at the hospital. On 10th October, I received a bouquet of flowers from my children and Amie and had a brief web-cam session with them.

At first Amie didn't come to the camera as she was busy with some art work. Next moment she surprised 'thhaam' by presenting her art work to welcome me and wish me speedy recovery.Add Image

That was so sweet of her! It made me feel much better immediately. When I asked her whether she had painted the ocean, she said in a very definite manner that it was a 'pattern' and not the ocean.

I love her choice of colours and blending and the soft yet warm feeling expressed through the texture created by the uniform value of the colours used. This means that she can estimate the proportion of colour and water and also knows how to control her strokes.

She has been drawing and painting a lot these days and she told her parents that she wants to become an artist like her thhaam and not a new scientist[ neuro - scientist] like her dad !
Right now I am taking it easy and trying to take rest. Hoping to go back to school next week.

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