Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amie's art in 'Teaching Children to Draw'

My grand-daughter Amie's works have been published in the book,'Teaching Children to Draw'-by Marjorie Wison and Brent Wilson. Thanks to my daughter-in-law for writing her blog MamaStories . A major chunk of her blog is about Amie's development and of course that includes her artistic
endeavour.It is indeed a great event for me.
Amie is now our main focus in life and I love to draw and paint her from photographs.
I did this one in water colour in March, '08.The style and technique used in this work is very different
from what I am learning now at NAFA

I had taken a few lessons in water colour from Mrs. Cynthia Ho in Singapore in the year 2004 and have been developing the techniques I learnt from her.
Mrs. Ho's technique involved mixing the colours to get the desired shade and applying it directly while the technique I am learning now is applying washes in layers.

This temple in Cambodia was done under her guidance. -Singapore 2004

Below are some of my other earlier water colours: [in order-from top]

  1. Sun bathing -Boston Dec.2004
  2. Puffin-Boston.Nov.2004
  3. Fall-2004.Boston
  4. Green Street-Boston-Dec.2004
  5. Tsunami-Singapore,February2005
  6. Little bird on the tree in front of my balcony-Kolkata,2005


nivedita das narayan said...


Searched your name and landed on your blog. Real glad i did!
Art has been part of my/our lives (4 siblings) since times when making greeting cards (New Year mostly) at home was the norm. I remember days when we would pretty much burn the 'day-light oil' in the last days of the year and make 15 -20 greeting cards and religiously mail to Grandparents and family settled all across India. Very rewarding when we would find the same pinned up or displayed at our DauDida's when we would viist during summer vacations.
Lots of other attempts including regular pilgrimage to Shankar's yearly art mela!! People thought I drew well but I never was fully satisfied - the curve of the bodies never seemed optimal, the the fingers holding a stick never seemed like in a real-grip. This is whenever I drew something of my own imagination!! So slowly transgressed towards a more satisfying practice of draw-by-reference - and was frankly very good at it!!

Cut to present continue to get the urge to draw but never quite satisfied with the outcome!

SHINA said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your appreciation.Art has been my companion all along and I never bothered about perfection.It came spontaneously and what was most important to me was the joy I derived from it.You must carry on.If you are interested in learning the drwaing skills, there are many on-line lessons available.One such site is, you can take up a short course or diploma course at NAFA or La Salle are good.Best wishes.