Thursday, March 18, 2010

Art of recycling

I have always wondered whether an adult should waste time in play but somehow I get drawn into it. I love to play my favourite game- the game of recycling.It gives me the same pleasure I derived when I played with my playthings as a child.
We bought this IKEA clock for the second time and the same thing happened again.After a year, the white paint on the dial starts peeling off and rolling up and the clock stops working. When that happened with the earlier clock, I poked it from the back with a chop stick to break the scales formed by the paint and that allowed it to work again but it looked quite ugly and had to be discarded.I didn't realise that this could be a problem with the paint used in this particular clock and replaced it with a new one hoping that it won't get repeated. To my horror, it happened again.
My husband cannot do without a clock on the bedroom wall and this time I didn't want to increase the plastic garbage by buying another clock. Instead, I used a knife to remove the transparent plastic cover. Then I pulled out the three arms, removed the machine and transformed it to the clock shown below.

The central white circular disc is a rejected CD. The two hearts are from the flower bouquet I received on my birthday.I had to stick these two hearts to cover the hole in the centre and to prevent the hook from being visible.

Its up and running and giving us the perfect time. It wasn't very easy to mark the hours and place the arms back again in exact position, but I did manage to get it right. Is that being too playful?

View the heart 2 heart clock ticking away

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