Saturday, April 3, 2010

Still experimenting

I enjoy every moment of my adventure into the world of art.Since January 2010, plenty of ideas have crossed my mind and I have been making sketches.I transformed some of those into art works using different media on paper. I intend to go on doing this till I am happy with the style and the theme I want to pursue in acrylic/oil.For a long time the thought of illustrating Tagore's song's and dance dramas has been in my mind and finally I have been able to create the this work[on the left] based on Tagore's dance drama Chandalika. This work has been done in water color on paper. It was done before I visited the Ajanta caves and I was pleasantly surprised to see the influence of the Ajanta style of art in my work.This goes to show that certain images get saved in our memory unknowingly and reappear through our work without any conscious effort on our part. I have used some of the techniques I learnt at NAFA and others I invented myself to get the desired result.

In my next experiment, I have worked on a theme inspired by the pose in which a couple were relaxing.Here I have tried out a lot of different things.

  • This is my first attempt at oil pastel
  • For the first time,I have used vibrant colors and forms very different from my usual style.
  • I realised that there is a need to overcome the fear of failure in order to do something new,straight from one's heart.
  • I felt the urge in me to allow my imagination to flow freely and to create something I haven't seen before
  • I have been able to create textures I wanted to create.
I have made two pieces so far of a series I wish to call "siesta- uninterrupted". In both these pieces, my aim is to go beyond the boundary of portraying human beings in the limited forms visible to us. My idea was to express the peace and tranquility enjoyed by a pair of souls in a surrounding symbolising nature's bounty. The other piece is shown below:
I want to carry on with my experiments and put up my works on this blog so that I can see how my own art goes through the process of evolution.

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