Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gifts from Amie

Our grand child Amie will turn five this August.From time to time she sends us by post,cute little hand made gifts, sometimes in carefully sealed, hand-made envelop with a note written by her. The art of nurturing one’s child is the most creative and challenging art form which can add beauty not only to the lives of the parents and immediate family, but also to the society, nation and the whole world.It is a pleasure for us to see Amie being brought up with so much love and attention and how she has learnt to share it with others.
This display above is an assembly of the gifts received by us. These artefacts traveled all the way from one big heart in USA to two hearts in Singapore!What I find most interesting is her attention to details and how carefully she has used the scissors to cut out the fishes with their tails attached to their bodies.
She claims to be a half artist and believes that with practice, one day she will turn into a full artist just like the 'real artist'. She loves to draw and paint and being gifted with the skill as well as the eye for beauty,I am sure,one day her ambition will be fulfilled.
I had made a small booklet for her illustrating the story of Charai and Charuni from Tuntunir boi by Upendrakishore Roy Choudhury. She loved to listen to stories from this book.


Anonymous said...

Khub Sundoor hoyeche chobi gulo, We are sharing this to our "SUKUMAR RAY" Facebook Group.
Everybody appreciated the pics you posted in the blog (Tuntuni and Bagher golpo)

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Thank you.