Monday, June 14, 2010


Here are some of my very recent works.This painting below,
[ Eternal bond -1] has been done in oil on canvas [90 cm x 80 cm]. This is one of my most favourite subjects. It could be the most common and ancient subject, but a mother’s love for her infant is the purest form of love I have seen between two living beings. I derived my inspiration to do this piece from our family photograph on the right.

I love painting flowers. After a long time I made five paintings-all flowers.
Four of these were done in acrylic and one in water colour.Unfortunately,I forgot to take photographs of three of these pieces which I gave away as farewell gifts.This lotus on the right done in water colour on paper is the only one I remembered to take a snap.

This piece on the left,done in acrylic on canvas [45 cm x 60 cm] is a still life study of the actual flower on the right.I h
ave named this piece- 'joy in giving’. A flower blooms only to help in the propagation of the species and in the process supplies fruit and adds beauty to the surroundings. It symbolises the joy one receives in ‘giving'.

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